Friday, January 17, 2014

Character Sheet - John Deer.

Character Sheet - John Deer

Alias - Dei Vore

Age - 22

Ethnicity - Unknown. Possibly American or European. No noticeable accent. Lightly tanned skin.

Hair - Short, auburn. Kept clean cut, closed to his head. Only a little longer than being a buzz cut. 

Eyes - Ice blue. Slightly angled.

Facular structure - Lean and angular. Any skinnier and he would appear unhealthy.

Body Structure - Muscular in a skinny way. His muscle is bound tightly on his from, wrapped like steel wires. Five feet and eight inches tall. No visible fat.

Current Job - Traveler/Vagrant.

John Deer is volatile. Prone to physical violence and bouts of mental instability. He believes in termination of hostility, not self-defense. If something or someone shows a hostile intent towards him he will ruthlessly beat it down, literally, until the hostility disappears. 

However, when dealing with the sort of things John deals with on a day-to-day basis, this is an attitude formed out of survival. John is deivorous. A deivore. John eats a substance not tangible to normal humans. This would be dei, divinity, or god. 

This is why John's appearance borders on unhealthy skinny. Normal food will only allow his body to survive by providing the bare minimum of nutrition he needs. To grow fat and plump, John would have to devour a large quantity of divinity, which is already a rare food source. He dislikes eating normal human food, as he thinks it all tastes bad.

Divine creatures are fairly rare in the world, hidden from most eyes. The most delectable of them all are 'gods.' These are beings that are feared and revered. Their sustenance is worship, prayer, and belief. This gives them power proportional to the amount they receive. Creatures that are revered and worshipped as well as believed in fall under the category of 'divinity,' and thus are edible to John. 

John himself, due to his food source, is not fully human. His every cell has been saturated by the power contained within divine creatures and beings. His strength, his endurance, his speed, and his senses. All have been increased to inhuman levels. Which still doesn't quite put him on par with full blown deities, but allows him to fight on an equal level with divine creatures, such as pegasus, and forgotten deities.

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